Improvements to Pompino - after some suggestions

I am running an On One Pompino v4 frame with the original forks, drop bars, and Wald 137 basket, as my daily commuter. I’ve been very happy with it for a couple of years now, but thinking about better load carrying options and better performance in future.

Would it be worth me finding a carbon fork with similar dimensions, that has fender and rack mounts? Will it make a noticeable difference to the performance of the bike? I’d even be happy to switch to disc, mostly for the fun of it, as I am due for a new front wheel soon anyway.

What are people’s thoughts and experiences with this kind of update? I keep reading that the stock steel fork is heavy and not very good, which got me thinking about making some changes as a little project.

In order of preference:

  1. Keep original fork
  2. Install Clydesdale fork
  3. Instigate World War III
  4. Install carbon fork
  1. Most likely outcome
  2. Overkill for daily commute
  3. Please explain!
  4. Evidently frowned upon
  1. N+1

Carbon w/ rack mounts is pretty dubious territory imo.

I have a nice ritchey carbon fork (canti mount) if you’re keen - could pair well with an Aept rack (or similar) that axle/crown mounts?

Some tektro mini v’s sorts out braking.

…But seriously just get a clydesdale and youll have nore grets

Hi Droz,

I have the Wald 137 using the stays it is supplied with, attaching to the braze on at the drop outs of the fork, and my handlebars.

Was not aware of carbon plus rack mounts being dubious. I thought that’s what all the modern adventure bikes would have.

I guess you are right re: carbon adventure bikes (I tend to only really look at steel frames), but these with a standard 1 1/8" head tube might be harder to find. I’d also feel a bit weird bolting a rack to a carbon fork for some reason?