In anticipation of Arrested Development season 4

An interactive visualisation of the recurring jokes in Arrested Development

ps. mods, feel free to remove the pic if it’s deemed inappropriate

This mod has no issues with the pic. I mean, you expect a guy in a three thousand dollar suit to be offended by that? COME ON!

Re-watch all three seasons for the 100th time? OKAY!

ManGo Juice | It’s Like Having a ManGo in Your Mouth! (SFW)

seems heavymetal jono is in charge of the company now. and i have no problem with that.

Well? Anyone?

I’m two eps in, will have to go back and watch S4 from the start once I’m done and will likely go all the way back to S1 for a complete binge/refresh.

Kicking off tonight. Thank fuck this week’s game of thrones was postponed, otherwise I’d be torn.

I’m halfway through rewatching the previous 3 seasons before I hit the new one. So many gags I missed the first time.

i say this every time i rewatch it.

I finished season one on Sunday, and I think it will be a few weeks till I make it through to the new season. Taking it slowly so as to savour the journey

Good interview with Tony Hale (who plays buster) here.

have seen a few. lil bit disappointed.

Things arseholes do: this^^

takes 1 2 kno 1

i know you r but what m i?