Inane Question Warning!!! (BB cut out id)

Just curious,
My Peloton road bike has a spade cutout on the BB shell, is this any indication of fabricator or just a kind of universal embelishment that framebuilders do for shits & giggles?

It’s an extremely rare colnago bb shell from a limited run, hand carved by Tullio Campagnolo for Ernesto himself and his sons in 1974, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pope Pius XII’s giving of The Madonna del Ghisallo as patroness of cyclists on 13 October 1949. Old Tullio only managed a few because he was getting on a bit and his eyes and hands were starting to fail…

You’re a comedian.

haha +1
you were asking for it shortsie :wink:

It’s a pretty common mark, but hey, it could be a Colnago…