Indi 500 renovation

Well i have walked past this bike for years sitting by itself down the side of a local house, and finally they put it out for hard rubbish and i was walking past late last night and noticed so rode it home. I think i have been thinking about stealing it for almost 2 years because no one ever touched it. But i guess patience won and i have acquired it the right way. My plan is to spend the summer and some $$ fixing it up and making it look good.

I think i will end up getting it professionally painted and replace some of the parts but want to keep it as original as possible. Removing rust and polishing it up a lot!

I will post updates as i go a long cleaning and replacing parts as i am not going to rush into this.

Any suggestions are more than welcome. :slight_smile:

Cheers Julian

Do you mean fixing it or just restoring it?

there is nothing on that needs replacing

I don’t know how that basket could carry much more than a longneck.

i LOL’d

wasnt really expecting to see this when i read the thread title -