Injuries - cuts and grazes

So I took a spill last night and have nice graze on a slightly swollen knee, fortunately didn’t land on the other cut i’d done in the shed 3 days prior.
Hurt like f@#k at the time but that’s life.

I’d like to know if anyone could recommend good/great bandages or ointments or the like to help it heal up nice and quick? Like they use on most of the ‘Tours’ they show on the tele.

I’m asking because in less than 10 days I’ve got round one of my motorcycle road racing season and I need to get into knee braces and leathers and have had issues in the past with knee grazes sweating and rubbing and not healing properly.


on my last gnarly stack I was given Flamizine for my grazes, it’s incredible.
It’s a silver based antispetic burn cream but unfortuntately it’s prescription only (although you can find over the counter substitutes that aren’t quite as hardcore)
I’d recommend trying something like that. keep your wounds covered with gauze etc and replace the dressings every 8-12 hrs, use a saline solution to clean them when you change the dressings too

good luck mate

Try jelonet rather than gauze … Awesome for wounds like a graze that need to breathe.

The shit - stings like a mofo, but drys up into scabs fast. Check out your asian groccer.

Tien Ta Yao Gin

Betadine is great.
Start putting it on straight away, let it soak into your wounds and they should be on the road to recover in no time.
Its the best.

Best stuff ever! Cut myself at the rocks surfing near kingscliff all over my feet, these asian surfers had some of this stuff, scabbed right up and i could go back out in 2 days, and didn’t waste the week! Still got the scars though!

PS never knew what this stuff was, recognise the bottle, so thank you Jaseyjase!

I’m a fan of wet healing rather than scabs. Full coverage non stick dressings and saline.

Wet healing is faster for sure, Ive recently used Duoderm CGF dressings, you can leave them on for 7 days and when u peel them off Hey Presto, brand new pink skin.

Wet healing is the recommended way to heal grazes nowadays. Make sure you clean it thoroughly before applying the dressings.

Get your knee checked out. I took a spill after some kid walked out in front of me, and thought I was fine apart from a some grazes. Rode home and went to the doc the next afternoon. Turned out that I managed to put a crack in my kneecap of the knee that wasn’t even grazed.

I’ve had great success with wet healing, using non - stick breathable dressings (2nd skin) and applying this each time I changed dressings:

Initially, those wet, waxy, gauze dressings from the chemist and then lots of Bepanthen.

If you’ve seen my shins you’ll know I’ve got a fair bit of experience. Agreeing with the wet healing and the (expensive) but excellent synthetic skins/gauzes mentioned above.

Wade at cyclingtips had a great post on crash after-care with references to some different options ranging from PRO (basically medical supplies level) to Joe (gauzes and antiseptic creams).

It needs to both breathe and remain moist to heal fastest and with least scarring from what i read/know. I use some stuff called fixomull with a couple of different antiseptic creams. More recently some thursday Island Tea-tree stuff thats been pretty good.