Installing dia compe clamp on brakes

I got a set and this is going to be hard to describe so I won’t.
Do they come with installation instructions at all please?

Maybe find some close up pics of other peoples rides with it installed?

From memory they do boggle the mind if they are all in peices!

edit this help?

^ great pic Jase! Was all in one piece when I sent it. I’ll try and find the destructions.

Found the instructions…

thanks guys
the way they came from HLC made it look like they came like that and should be fitted that way…but it wouldn’t work.
too hard to describe.

Im in Sydney and will fit them when I get back

There’s a little bolt on the mounting plate that you extend out to rest against the fork crown, cannot see it in Jase’s picture I’ll take a photo of mine when I get home if I remember

And it is be worth putting something in between that little bolt and the crown if you really like your paint.

one question please
The specialised bolts that connect the silver fork ring to the black part on the brake are a rectangular shape with rounded corners.
They fit into a recessed part of the silver ring the same shape.
According to the picture above they seem to be sitting across the recess at a 90 degree angle.
Is this the correct way to do this?
Is just doesn’t seem right to me. It looks like it will wreck the recessed hole when tightened.

So when you install, you obviously remove those silver bars from the rings, put the rings on the fork, and then put the little silver bars back in. The then have to turn 90 degrees so the bolt hole is at the front, otherwise you aren’t going to be able to screw the bolt in… Turning them 90 degrees also locks them in the rings so they cant come undone. The rings are made of steel so I wouldn’t worry. It’s the only way to install the brake, and I had no issues when I had it test fitted.

having to reinstall my clamp on brake is pretty much the only reason i now ride brakeless.

^ why did you have to reinstall Rolly?

always ran one, had to take it off for track, cracked it trying to put it back on.