I was hit by a car recently and although i thought the bike was ok, on closer inspection the front wheel is like a floppy pancake and the frame has creased in both the top and down tubes just behind the head tube - no surprise really.
I was very sad all weekend as this has been a constant companion for about 2 and a half years and has covered a lot of k’s.

My question is, does having a racing license cover you for any bike damage. I had actually done a circuit of the boulevard that morning prior to work and was just thinking how i was not in too bad shape. A month off is going to sort that out.

Unfortunately the bitch who hit me decided to continue on her merry way…


You’ll need to read the policy in detail, but I don’t like your chances.

If you have a police report etc, you should be able to lodge a TAC claim.

Also, if you need any parts, drop me a PM and you can raid my spares for whatever you like.

Thanks Blakey, that was my sense.
Yeah, i’ve got a TAC claim to cover the ambulance etc, but the loss of the frame etc is just depressing. I just have to keep reminding myself i’m ok.
Thanks for the offer of help. i’ll see how i go with a new build after xmas.

I had a quick look into this when I got hit, but I didn’t need to pursue it. I think I was covered for “scheduled training rides” - whatever that means. Worth looking into to. Good luck, hope you are ok.

No your racing insurance doesn’t cover your own gear. :-o
You needed to get the bitch’s details, and claim through her insurance (or small claims court). If you have house and contents extras, your equipment may be covered outside the house.

If you do manage to track the woman down, she will be in the poo with the police for her not exchanging details with you. I’d check with the police, to make sure she didn’t report the crash afterwards… in which case you can pursue her for the costs of a new bike/any other damage to helmets clothes shoes etc.

Good luck :expressionless:

Cheers Gemm. Already beginning to think of my next project. I’m going to check in with the police again, but i wont be holding out too much hope.

You might want to look into victims of crime compensation. you might have a chance at some dollars there for compo.

From the small part i read I think you’d be eligable.

did they catch her?