Interbike: Surly Travelers Check

Take a Cross Check and add S&S couplers, double the price, think of a punny name and you have:

~USD$900 frame/fork, + ~$USD400 for the case

Fixed/geared, take it on a plane, cheaper than a custom S&S’d frame. Neat. (But it’s not a Moulton is it LWaB!)

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Yeah, I noticed this bike while surfing around during the weekend.

I think it’s great someone is doing an “affordable” S&S bike. How’d you come up with that price for the case? All the sites that I looked at thought that the price of the frameset was about double that of the Cross Check but wasn’t sure if the case was included.


random google blog comment.

S&S Case Price: US$407

Thanks Blakey.

The question that I was trying to ask but didn’t word properly in my post was if you knew for sure if the case was not included in the price of the frame set.


I don’t get why people are in love with frames you can pull apart and put in a case.

-how much travelling do you actually do
-fi you cant afford to get a full-size case and pay the costs of flying with it then you probably cant afford to leave the tiny fucking case somewhere when you fly
-i put my bike in a fullsize cardboard box (flying domestic i know) and didn’t incur extra handling fees

for a Crosscheck you can fly with? Pay $1500 for a custom Black Sheep and walk…

The man speaks truth.

I put together a similar bike from Baum the other day (what with all that tube breaking nonsense) and the owner walked out with a $7000 commuter that he could put in swanky little grey box. Not to mention breaking it down fully cabled was a right pain in the arse. He could have had twice the bike if he hadn’t gone for the stupid colapsable option.


After flying my road bike between QLD and VIC a number of times (in a pretty good bike bag too) I can understand why these things exist… My bike was damaged far more in-flight than from riding.

I’m not in love with them, but they are a practical solution. I travel to Singapore about once a year or so and always wish that I had my bike with me. Well, the last time I went back, I did bring the bike.

Problem 1:
The bike bag is too big for regular check in. Not a problem in Australia coz they put it in a locked cage and someone will take it down to the plane later on. In Singapore, it gets left out in the open on a trolley.

Problem 2:
No taxi in Singapore would take me with the bike bag. I had to hire a van to take me where I needed to go.

Spud: Perhaps you misunderstood, it’s not a question of if I can afford a case or not. If I had to, I’ll buy one. But I’d rather travel with my bike in a smaller case than a regular one. BTW, travelling to S’pore (which is what I do most often) with a large bike case doesn’t occur an extra handling fee. You’ll only need to pay extra for excess weight if any.


the couplers were quite popular with north americans at PBP because despite the extra baggage allowance (35kg as opposed to our 20), the airlines charge extra for oversized baggage.

skateboard = travelling <3