Interesting article on disc brakes


I think they are still a long way away and like brifters will need a mindshift from many current cyclists, but the author makes some very good points.

The comments (for once) have some good points. Chainline and rear spacing in conjuction with current groupsets will make for some challenges.

I plan to sit on the sidelines for a while and wait for it to standardise a little.

Speak to n8 about carbon asplosions. I for one welcome our new disc brake overlords.

disc brakes on road bikes are ugly

true. I would rather have inefficient stopping while looking shit hot.

So Campy Deltas all the way?


I’ve never pulled on my brakes (stock sram red) and thought “Geez, these just aren’t powerful enough”. Maybe in the rain, but who rides in the rain?!?!?

even in the rain ive never felt like road brakes were not up to the task

I often wish they had better stoping power, but I don’t want ugly shit on my bike.

stop riding it?

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Well played sir.

P.S. Thxithnkurtotzhot2

But can you lace a wheel radially when using disc brakes?

Everyone knows crossed spokes on the front aren’t cool, and isn’t that what riding a bike is all about?

Yes, yes it is.

Bring on hydro drop levers! I would rather my lack of dexterity in my fingers dictate how well I can brake. Not the calipers.

This forum has come a long way from nob rakes to I need MTB quality brakes to ride on the road…

Who is Nob Rakes? Is he as good as Caleb Ewan?

It’s not about the stopping power it’s about brake modulation. I have a variety of campy, tektro, shimano and other brakes on my bikes and every single one be it a v-brake, dual pivot, side pull or otherwise can take a wheel from freely spinning to skidding in a heartbeat. The question is how predictable the braking performance is under a variety of conditions and speeds. Why is it when I don’t change the amount of power I’m applying to the brake lever that I can seem to brake harder or softer on a long mountain decent? (That’s a rhetorical question btw) Disc brakes bring far more predictability to the table, and I think with enough development they could be tailored for best performance and aesthetics in the roadie scene.

I think a greatly over looked part of braking is the tyre.
If you have a car with race spec brakes but tiny crappy tyres it just isn’t going to perform.
That’s the problem with roadies our road contact is about 23mm x 50mm x2.
Compared to about triple that with a mtn bike.
Like Dan said my brakes will stop the wheel in a heart beat, but will the tyre stop the bike probably not.

too early to bring in carbon fibre into the conversation?

we need SK in this convo somehow

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