Interpro mixed with USA + NJS goodness

Always wanted to post this thing on here but never got around to it. Built a few years ago for speedin’ around NYC. Hardly used since moving back to Aus so she’s mostly an expensive ornament these days. Thought of selling it but would hate to see it go! The aim was to take the best NJS stuff and mix it with sealed bearing USA reliability for speed and low maintenance. Has done a lot of skids and loved dodging traffic. Anyways hope you guys like! Cheers

Frame –
Korean Interpro NJS (56CM x 55CM) White paint with confetti sparkle <3

Parts –

  • Phil Wood USA low flange track hubs, H+ Plus sons TB14 rims
  • Shimano 46T NJS Chain Ring, Phil Wood 17T Cog, HKK Vertex
  • Dura Ace NJS Cranks 165MM with a sealed Phil Wood BB
  • Token Pedals and Pake Vinyl Straps
  • Nitto Jaguar Stainless Stem and Flat Bars.
  • Chris King Gripnut headset
  • Continental 4 Seasons and a Veloflex tyre on the front
  • Nitto Jaguar Seat Post and Selle San Marco Laser saddle

low flange phils are the business.

Hot. Where does it live? I can ride it if you need to keep everything from seizing up.

Fast back stays for the win. Would.

Great first post.

It’s for sale on gumtree…

Haha what a stooge

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Doesn’t detract from the fact that it looks fucken hot me thinks.

there also isn’t a link to said gumtree ad, so if kit hadn’t mentioned it, most ppl wouldn’t know.

not exactly ideal, but also not that big a deal.

I feel so betrayed.

I guess the only thing to do now it bombard the gumtree ad with low ball offers?

Don’t worry Pinz. You still have your Kona :stuck_out_tongue:

“Hi guys I’m new here, check out my awesome bike”.

cue #foamafia froth, drool, froth.

“Hey looky here, the bikes for sale.”

Classic bait and hook.

yeah, but kit did that, not the OP.

^ So you’re saying GUWOP is actually Kit…

i dunno, Rolly is defending GUWOP pretty hard, its gotta be Rolly!!

I don’t know who to trust anymore…