Interview with a bike thief

It’s London-centric but I reckon it relates to any large city.

The most interesting thing is right at the end: he says secure parking is the worst place to leave your bike, I guess unless it’s really secure.

I don’t say this often, but I love the comments section.

What a read (especially the comments lulz). Special place in hell waiting for bike thieves.

There are a few old threads floating around, but what’s the latest in bike security? Which locks are people using? Any worthwhile new developments?

Trackers? Big effin locks?

Buy a Huffy.

i can thank krypto cables for stopping a potential theft in our building.

they had a pair of boltcutters, but couldn’t get thru either of my two cables.
presumably just some shitty cheapo cutters, but thwarted nonetheless.

still locking the more valuable ones to a pole and each other with ulocks + cables.

Yeah, if locked up in the open for long periods? Get a shitty bike.

I even d-lock my bike in a double-secure cage in a double-secure building that has roaming security dudes, cos you never know what sneaky opportunist might be lurking.

That vacuum cleaner could be any size…

It’s clearly “folding bolt cutter” size.

The one time I had a bike stolen it was found by a friend locked up outside a police station that same evening. I wa very lucky to get it back.

But on not having your bike stolen there is the equivalent of the fire triangle, a theif needs to have the desire, technical ability and risk/reward to steal something. Can’t do much to stop someone wanting to steal it, but you manage the other two by making it difficult to take for not much gain.

+1, and its not even my good bike.

There was this one, too:

I think you were onto something with the Huffy thing:

the only foolproof way to ensure your ride’s safety is to buy “a fucking ugly bike. A Huffy sticker is the best theft deterrent.”