Introducing myself

get some foot retention and welcome to the forum


Fixed gear with a rear brake? right on!

indeed , do you have a problem with that?

Umm, nooooooooooooooooooooo
Dude don’t get defensive man, I was just saying, it’s interesting to see someone riding fixed with a rear brake only. I don’t think I’ve seen it before at all.

haha sorry dude , thought you were having ago i’m too use to other forums paying out on noobs. iv always just run a rear break from when i used to race bmx and it just caught on with all my bikes .

Haha I’ve done it on roadies before, just got the back brake, oh well, she’ll be right.
And why would I pay out on a noob? I’d seem like an arsehole, and you’d never share your beer with me if we ever meet at a party!

haha id never share my beer with anyone :stuck_out_tongue: mayb you could say id never buy you a beer :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a room lol

Guess that’s changed now!
I’m gonna be learning to ride bmx soon, any tips for a total noob?

Also is that a funn stem on the fixed gear?

Get a camera pip, we can make some beer money

haha join a bmx forum:P

Oh god, I imagine it’ll be like when I joined that commodore forum :frowning:

oh and yes its a funn stem , just like the one you sold or are selling haha

hahah if you can ride a bike thats a start , its all about weight distribution on a bmx its hard to explain i just do it never had to explain it …


I ride with only a rear brake?

certainly does save the rear tire from skidding all the time :slight_smile:

But then you come up to a red fast and wish you’d put a front brake on. Personally, I wouldn’t do it but if it suits you thats cool.