introduction and such..

Hey guys and girls, just thought i’d kick off and introduce myself to the forum…

I’ve just gotten back into bikes after a long hiatus, having ridden street BMX (becoming somewhat “hardcore” you might say) several years ago and also dabbling in MTB trail riding when i was younger.

I’ve recently picked up a frame which i’m slowly converting to fixed, kinda wanting to use it for a bit of a weekend kick around and for the commute to work.

I’ll post up a few pics and details when i’ve got the build sorted properly but as of now i’ve got the frame stripped back, logo’s sanded off (cable brackets etc to be hacked off at a later stage) with a bit of a paint touch up due later in the week and hopefully i’ll be rolling by the end of the weekend… all going to plan?

I’ve been trawling through the posts on here and have found a shitload of useful posts on parts/ builds etc, so thanks in advance for any help and for all the info i’ve gleaned off here already!

ps. don’t worry about post whoring and any n00b questions, i’ve done the forum thing before and know how the search function works xx

setting noob standards too high here…

pls do not do.

Yeah, have a quick look here and see the lengths that Azz is going to to get his first conversion back to original (kind of) after a few “modifications”.

But yeah, welcome.

what frame are you converting?

Doesn’t seem fair does it? First 20 posts should all be “I like you’re biek” on 2 year old threads.

pffft, hack away. Those damn things always get caught on my dickies. Unless it’s super nice.

haha, definitely not super nice, and there’s no chance whatsoever of me being bothered with converting it back!

I’ll save the details until she’s finished but hopefully i’ll surprise a few people with it