Hi everyone!

I’ve got to admit I’m new to the fixed gear scene and I’m loving my new purchase. I just bought some sort of custom Nishiki conversion. I have a feeling I may have paid slightly too much ($300) but I needed transport and it suited at the time. Everything but the frame is new and it goes fast.

A couple of my mates are completely anti fixie. They say it’s impractical to only have one gear. I figure that I was able to get around on a bmx bike for years as a kid so this is no different. Plus my routes are 90% flat anyway.

Anyway, this is a pic of it in it’s current state.

I plan to give it a respray, which means a lot of sanding. I’ll keep this thread (or a new one perhaps) updated as I change things.

please don’t paint it, that headtube is nice.

pluss you’ll regret having spent any money on it when you end up buying a track frame, they all do

300 isn’t too much

I’ve had a few mates who felt that way. I’m going for a ride with them tomorrow night… they’re all on track bikes now, chasing Deep V’s and arrospoks. Have fun with it, it’s better than watching tv.

It did look pretty nice. But the sanding has already begun. If the original badge was on there then I wouldn’t have touched it but it was only a sticker.

There was a section along the top tube that had been pretty badly scratched up and some rust was starting to creep under the paint work, the down tube was the same. I think I might still give the head tube a bit of an accent compared to the rest of the frame but I’m not sure on colours yet.

Looks good for a first fixed ride. What gearing do you have on their? It looks pretty small.

A word of advice, listen to everything tomhall says. that’s all