ipswich velodrome ride?

anyone interested in a train ride out to ipswich, riding around the velodrome for a bit then riding back? the velodrome has been re-surfaced in the last few years. It’s still a bit dodgy, but would be interesting.

total ride would be around 50ks (incl. east ipswich station to velodrome then back to CBD, but not including laps)

there’s a pretty good route on backroads either side of the highway…then either back to brisbane via corinda, or back to brisbane via the centenary Hwy bike path…

there’s hills, but it’s doable i reckon.

Sounds like fun. The hills between Ipswich and Brisbane are nothing much.

Did you know there is a similar velodrome in Warwick?

Sorry to threadjack? Who the hell is ‘LittleWheelsandBig’ i can’t work it out… I’ve been meaning to ask though.

yeah - i know - it’s Ipswich.

Another option: we could ride there and ride back?
i took the first saturday morning train ride there a few weeks back and OMG. the sight of carriage after carriage of absolute deadshits heading back to ippy after a night clubbing in brisbane was seriously appalling.

Have they re surfaced the velodrome in the past few years.? I came back through there a coupla years ago after an Audax ride and it looked a bit shitty.

yeah - it looks quite ridable. that crappy bitumen is gone. it’s not competition-looking standard - but fine for a few laps

Ok… hang on… When did you last ride on it?
Because we just did the hell o’ the west… And included was a ride on that velodrome… and to say the least… it sucked dick… i mean… cracks, weeds, you name it. Brett did a good job pulling the weeds out, but it’s still a piece of shit.

there’s no point heading out there. Instead you should pay $5-$10 each and hire the one in Brisbane.

It’ll be a hard enough ride out there from the city anyway.

Hi guy, don’t want to spoil your plan but what about the nerang velodrome?
The surface is great(no weeds or cracks) its close to the train and water and the nerang-a-tangs on the train down from Brissy aren’t that bad either

may as well just find a 330M loop in an industrial estate…

nerang, most boring veledrome in aus :smiley:

maybe not, but its pretty lame. chandler is the only real option…

Ever tried grass track racing?

What about caboulture it is also only a train ride away and you can go ride it anytime for FREE!

nope, but im sure its a hell of a lot more interesting than nerang veledrome :smiley:

point taken but I can’t recall having ridden another although I have nightmares of a banked, cracked, asphalt surface with weeds.

yeah - sounds less and less appealing more i think about it…

We had an alleycat out there not that long ago, http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,6402.0.html The surface was fine, it’s now concrete but there is a few weeds ect coming through. We were doing laps as the sun was going down and didn’t have a problem.

I agree caboulture is a much better track

ur quoting urself??? lol.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ah Kenny when will you learn??

A bloke who rides a bike. There are such things as PMs but why would you have to know?

HAHAHA Dont you worry, i already found all about you from Mr Rogaine! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to meet you out on the road sometime.