IRD are making a new 30/46 version of their Defiant square taper crank ...

A simple crank but fine for most bikes. Similar to their Defiant fixie & regular road cranks (already in a 144 and 110bcd) but with an even smaller 94BCD and which allows more useful 30/46 chainrings … with ramps & pins. Standard square taper. Boulder bikes are doing pre-order’s and suggest a 118mm jis BB, but on most older bikes I’m pretty sure a 116 should be OK (measure first).

And it’s only gonna be $160usd :wink:

Well done Interlock Racing Design !!!

Pre-Order - Assorted lengths IRD Compact Crank 46/30 New!


I’ve been looking for decent affordable 94bcd rings and it’s hard.

Be better if 110/74 IMHO.

But I like that they are getting made.

Kinda agree, but if it ships with decent rings and they have spares, then it’s all good.

Origin8 make a decent 94bcd ring that’s cheap though.

cheaper to forge this in 94 that 110/74 though.

True, didn’t think of that part.