Iro, anyone riding?

anyone riding an Iro and if so how do you like it? or if you have a strong opinion for or against them.

I wouldn’t be LOL’n. I feel a ban might be swung your way for being an immature c**t and not actually adding anything decent to the forum.

Iro have a number of frames in their collection. I currently ride a Rob Roy (they don’t make anymore), I like it - its my all rounder, touring, cross, city bike at the moment, i can run it single speed with back and front brakes. wide rear wheel spacing that can use 120-135mm. I has the curved seat stay and longer wheel base compared to the angus or the Mark v - they have tighter track geo.

There are a number of ppl riding IROs over seas and aren’t so popular here in Oz. there are a number of them shown on Fixedgeargallery.

But yeh. all i can say is that they’re solid and well built.

Hope this helps a little.

one of the sugarspokes crew has one. she seems to like it.

it is very small though.

Jump on and search ‘IRO’
Heaps of builds will come up and and alot of chat/comments about them.
That’d be a good place to start, other then that try and jump on some US forums and ask around there. Or just look for product reviews about em. I havent really heard a bad thing about them. I think the shit US dollar over the last year has seen less interest in IRO from Australia. Now that its good there defs a good frame option.

Yes, I do.
I like it a lot because it fits. I have the tiny Mark V HD which only takes 650c wheels, specifically made for midgets under 5’3. The one I have is made of cro-mo and is heavy.

I don’t know anything about any of their other frames, but if I was of a normal height, there are so many other options that I would pick before it.

I would not bother getting one shipped here because whatever shipping option they use is like $200 (I checked about a year and a half ago, didn’t end up getting mine until July this year when I could bring it home myself), but if you’re going to the US, then they have very affordable framesets with the current exchange rate.