iron curtain bicycle trail

the Iron Curtain Trail, a 4,225-mile network of bicycle paths that extends along the former Warsaw Pact-NATO border, from northern Finland to the Black Sea. In recent years, thanks primarily to the efforts of a German Green Party activist and European Union Parliamentarian, Michael Cramer, trails have been rehabilitated with financing from the European Union, and historical markers have been erected.

A brochure with maps in German and English covering the entire route has just been published.

so into this.

holy shit, sounds like a perfect ‘after uni is done’ trip

6800 kms. Might need to earn some long service leave.

it’s pretty cool, obviously an epic ride though. i wonder if it can be done on a motorbike,

if i was gonna do a ride of that length i’d probably start in st petersburg, rather then riding all the way through finland. and detour through budapest somehow.
i imagine the greece/turkey area would be very nice.

The path starts at the Barents Sea along the Norwegian-Russian and Finnish-Russian border, passes a short stretch of the coasts of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland and the former GDR. From Lübeck to the three-nation border (Saxony-Bavaria-Czech Republic) the path follows the former German-German border. Then it follows the highlands of the Bohemian Forest, passes Moravia and the Slovak capital of Bratislava and crosses the Danube near Vienna.
It then follows the southern border of Hungary via Slovenia and Croatia. Between Rumania and Serbia it follows in the main the Danube, and, via Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece to end at the northernmost point of Turkey on the Black Sea coast.

and then it would be down hill.