Is calling something gay homoophobic?

Following on from the state of origin thread (carn the blues) HLC made a comment about gAyFL.

Whether funny or not (I side on the former) is it homophobia to call or refer to something gay? I don’t think HLC has issues with homosexuality or peep’s who are into same sex stuff nor do I think he said it in a way which would offend. I hear the same term used every day by gay and straight people yet for some reason it becomes inflamed (flaming?) when written. What gives? I really don’t consider the word that offensive given the above context.

Brendan loves this topic. But not in a gay way.

No, it’s not. Insensitive, perhaps. But homophobic it absolutely is not.

homoophobic? Leave the cows alone, man.

I prefer to use ‘ghey’ to differentiate. That’s okay isn’t it?

I’m not a homophobe, but do I really need to weigh in? Or can we just turn this into a Pun thread already?

recently had a complaint made against me at work for my “homophobic comments”. there is a certain dude i call a gay whale, purely because he once told me a joke about a gay whale, that was completely hopeless and horribly shit. so i now call him that as a constant reminder that his jokes are the worst. NOTE: the complaint has come from someone who has simply overheard what i have said, not the guy i was shit stiring.

as ian has said i would say yeah maybe insensitive, but surely not homophobic. or is tehre some truth to these complaints??? :S

Using ‘gay’ as a derogatory word can and does offend some homosexuals. Have been slapped.

Is calling someone the n word racist?

Depends on the definition of “homophobic” used (as they often entail elements of fear and contempt). Given the circumstances giving rise to the query, reconciling the act against broader notions of discrimination might be more appropriate.

At best, I consider it insensitive – with use in this context presenting as evidence of an individual’s ignorance of gender and sexuality issues/concerns. From there we slide up the scale to that of dealing with a fundamentally discriminatory disposition.

gay whale joke please.

I get really pissed off with the overly PC nature of today’s society. Maybe it is because I am a white Anglo, middle class, heterosexual male, who lives in a nice suburb. I generally don’t fit into a minority group and therefore have not been subject to derogatory comments, this being said I am developing the belly to be called numerous things.

Personally I have no problem with gay being used as tongue in cheek derogatory term, however all people’s feelings should be taken into consideration. I do have a problem with people who are quick to jump on you for being racist/homophobic/classist ect…. and then be ageist, sexist ect. Double standards are the worst.

context is important but it’s a negative term and as such, in event would likely be inappropriate… even if it wasn’t strictly racist

Calling something gay that actually gay isn’t homophobic, but calling something ‘gay’ to describe something substandard, or shit, is offensive.

when in doubt, listen to Wanda.

That’s So Gay - Wanda Sykes - YouTube


“did you hear about the gay wale and the submarine?.. he bit the end off and sucked the seamen out”

Just ask George Castanza

Seinfeld Star Apologizes For ‘Gay’ Remark [VIDEO]

I thought Elaine got rid of that thing?


you are smarter than this.

if you use the word ‘gay’ when you mean ‘stupid’, you are indicating that being gay is stupid. which we can all agree is homophobic.

the word itself is not offensive. the context is.


well cry me a fucking river. the fucking rich white boy gets called out when he’s being a dick. jeez, that must be tough. hey, next time it happens, why don’t you stop for a moment and think about all the oppression that you don’t have to deal with, that you were lucky enough to be born part of the most powerful demographic in society. that should do the trick. and then, once you’ve fucking snuggled up into your blankets of privilege for a while, maybe you could stop and consider how you could make other people’s lives just that little bit less shitty. here’s a fucking hot tip: stop using terms they use to describe themselves as insults.

it’s not about being allowed to say things. it is about trying to not make other people’s lives harder than they need to be.

I think this covers it pretty well:

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is