"Is cycling gay?"

Found on another forum. Worth a laugh, just watch out if you click on the link under the bloke with his rear pointed in the air.

Cycling Inquisition: Is cycling gay? The ultimate argument settler.

complete with comments from our own FJ!

aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh WTF!!! i clicked it :frowning:

Yes, but in saying that all sport is, even before the Greeks. The idea of challenging and proving yourself against other men by physical acts is in itself homo-erotic in nature. The funny part is that many refuse to acknowledge this association.


How else am I supposed to meet men?

did any of you listen to the tim hardaway youtube clip?!


Yeah, that motherfucker’s crazy. Dude had a killer crossover though.

After viewing that link,it just confirms what I already knew. My willy is smaller than everyone elses. On the net anyway.

As long as it grows there’s no problem.



Wonder how he feels about racism?

Fixed.org - Contributing to the gayness of cycling since forever

fuck sake, now i need to start another hobby.

I like that it’s homo-erotic. It keeps most homophobic fuckbags out of it. Generally speaking that is.

Actually had a conversation pretty much precisely along these lines with someone in the office today

^evolved from an initial query regarding the proximity to everyone else’s lycra-clad-arses when running a good tight paceline

Or come out of the closet.
No gayer than footy where they shower together, shave their whole bodies and slap arses all game.
I like both sports

If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be in it.