Is it time for a Vic based event?

I know a few folks got together becuase of CMWC, and the “Rising From the Ashes” screening didn’t come off and so on… but is it time for the Victoria based folks to get together, meet in person, swap stories, drinks, parts and so on?

In the finest FOA tradition of making stuff happen… The person requesting the event is army volunteered to be the organiser!


If you build it, they will come.

I tried this once. It had potential, but never really worked. Brewery Rides are good. I met plenty of people at the Roobaix last year. And CMWC had plenty of FOA.

Our powers combined…

Just invite people to the pub and see who comes.

Is Temple/somewhere showing Liege-Bastogne-Liege? Could do a post-MGG dinner and drink there. Sunday night though… (anyone else getting ANZAC Monday off? :smiley: )

I fucking love the pub but am quite busy. I’ll come if I can!

FOA is 10 this year, I have spoken to Nickj about doing something later in the year.

ps - as far as I recall, there’s still a screen & cinema equipment at Electron Workshop if ppl are interested in organising something. PM me if you wanna talk through anything.

I simply don’t have the time to organise anything at the moment, but I’ll help where I can…

Ill come along

I’ll bring a spare shirt.

Yes, haven’t seen h dog for ages!

And i can bring the spd sandles… Boooommmm :slight_smile:

LOL so good

Before I leave town yo

should make it a national thing surely!

was more likely gonna be a summer thing… :confused:

you’ll just have to come back :wink:

well state based events are up to those in those states right…?

ha…the handful of WA members, we’d be better off all coming and crashin ya party =D

well that would be ace!

Do that, yes!