Is my dad a hipster?

I was visiting my folks over christmas and was mucking about with bikes with my 65 yo dad in his shed. He has been riding track and road for years and has lots of old gear lying about, and I noticed to my amazement he happens to have an arrospok! Then i noticed he was wearing shoes that could be taken as black plimsoles. He also has a goatee beard which is nearly an ironic moustache.

Im getting worried, is my dad turning into a hipster?

he couldve started it all bro…

Dad came into work the other week wearing the exact same brown Vans Authentics as I was… and goes ‘cool shoes maaaaaaaan’

Dad is 63…

…and a legend

Cool Dad / *Though I did see a pic of him wearing crocs once. :frowning:

do you really think Iggy would make a great dad?

Back in the day my dad used to have to weld the weld the wheel axles to his bike frame to stop people pinching his wheels. He’d have to get a grinder out if he got a flat tyre !!!

My dad had to whittle his own rollers with a stone axe


hhahaha so funny!! also known as a " rad dad ". but it seems like your old man has surpassed the quicksilver tee tucked into cargo’s with the laceless white slip ons, that we all at sum stage have witnessed or had in our family. ur dads on sum next level shit! i’m kinda jealous

my dad has more pairs of onitsuka tigers than i do :frowning:

time for a dad appreciation thread?

pics or it didn’t happen

did you see the pants he was wearing the first time stooges played BDO?? some foul flared bumsters that you’d expect to see on a californian babysitter circa 2000.
if everything else about seeing the stooges wasnt fucking amazing i would’ve lost so much respect for the man that day.

also, though it was shameful to be seen in public with him in high school, i’m kinda glad mt dad doesn’t try to be cool these days.
he’s the reason you’ll never see me in boat shoes, chinos and chambray shirts, like so many unfortunates i see these days

man sime and hooz dad’s rock
my dads still into billabong boardies past the knee and surfy polo’s with reef sandals

Nah dude, we don’t need another one of those.

My dad owned a pink Kenevans road bike.

Fuck I wish he still did.

i have bike day with my dad once a month where we both ‘play bikes’ but i gotta check his pockets on the way out… the man has light fingers.