Is that right?

Are my calculations correct? I had to work at the Royal Melb. Yacht Squadron on Saturday. My shift started at 10AM, and I left my place (freaking cause I thought I’d be way late) in Kew at 9:10AM. Didn’t just burst a blood vessel, I burst a friggin artery somewhere to get there on time and what time did I get there after gettin lost twice, 9:50AM :?
Must’ve pushed it harder than I thought at the time coz I got there in half an hour! Which begs the question, has anyone got a record for a return City to St Kilda trip?

My best riding time for St Kilda to the City, is always about 10 minutes more than it should be… just ask anyone on the Saturday morning ride :slight_smile:


Come along and experience it live!

Lol sounds like an advert for Dream World :lol:
With any luck and time permitting I may be able to make tomorrow might for this skills session thingy. I have exams next week so have my head buried in books. Silly teachers, why can they not just exept the fact that I am god and I know everything? :evil: