Is there a Reid bike thief in Melbourne?

This seems a little odd to me, but both of my housemates have had their Reid bikes stolen in the past 10 days, at different locations. I wasn’t going to put an add up here because every Reid bike looks the same and I know most of you probably think it is a blessing in disguse BUT this is just too much. NO ONE deserves to have their bike stolen.

Reid bike 1:
White Harrier single speed. ALL WHITE (bars, deep rims, tyres, seat, frame.) looks a little used. Nothing to distinguish it sadly. Drop bars. Stolen from out the front of The Workers Club, the weekend before the long weekend.

Reid bike 2:
White Harrier single speed. ALL WHITE as above except brown seat and black tyres. Brand spanking new. Stolen from Brunswick Train Station last night, 14/3.

I’m sure you all know what they look like and there is a low chance of anyone finding a bike that looks like 99,000 other bikes in Melbourne, but you never know.

Perhaps someone knows of a rogue bike nerd who is out to rid the city of Reid’s? If so, can you please get him to post 2 to my house. I have 2 rather sad housemates who loved their sub-par bicycles.


friends don’t let friends ride shitters…

This thief might just be a visionary. No shit bikes in Melbourne!

You guys are cruel (but funny).

I’m not having a go, but from what I’ve seen there is a strong correlation between sub-par bikes and the quality of their locks. plus those reids look real shiny compared to many of the better quality beaters they are often locked near.

i’m gonna start locking up next to reid bikes…

sucks to hear though claire. maybe there’s so many it just seems that more of them are getting stolen.

i kinda agree with nik about the lock quality though.

Haha… and HMCs mate.

Haha, this thread allows me to voice my thoughts re: bike thefts over the last few weeks.
It certainly seems that these bike thieves don’t have much taste. Obv this does have to do with lock quality But seriously what up wit dat?
What’s the going rate for a stolen shit bike?

They must be shipping them overseas, cos they’d be easy to spot on Gumtree or ebay. And it’s not like you can part them out…

Perhaps they are using the parts on old frames or something then selling them on ebay. Or shipping them to perth to be sold down at the local markets?

Sucks about the missing bikes I will keep my eye out but there are too many all white bikes.

Yeah, I have to admit that both of my housemates were using locks that I could probably chew through.

This… and given their weight , I’d say boaties might be using them as anchors.

I’m very inclined to agrees with this

my mate had his stolen and a week later someone stole the wheel off his new one.He lives near that reid shop on victroria street north melbourne,maybe they just re-sell their own stolen bikes/parts and sell shitty locks to make it an easy cycle (ha)?

Sorry to hear that your bike was taken.

I have to agree with the original post, I think that Reid bikes are particularly targetted for theft in Melbourne. I had my biked locked up near the uni a month ago, along side my friend’s bike and a few others. My bike was only 3 weeks old, so new and shiny, but the other bikes there were far superior to mine, and had shittier locks. Mine was the only one that was missing when we came back 30 minutes later. After reporting it to the police, several Reid bikes have turned up in Cash Converters, but none of them were mine. I have also met 3 other people who have had their Reid’s stolen, one girl had two of them stolen in a 1 month period.

They are easy to take and make your own as they all look the same and have the same accessories handed out. The locks that the store provide are cheap and flimsy, so definitely get your own sturdier one if you are going to buy a Reid. Also, lock your bike up near places with CCTV, as then you at least have a chance of identifying the thief.

I ride one 'cos its so cheap i don’t give a shit if it gets stolen