is there such a thing as 25.4 (mtb diameter) drops

Well?!!?!?!?!? Is there?

Hey! Take your potty mouth to the “parts for sale” thread, ya little whipper-snapper.

Oh yeah, for the mentally challenged, I mean handlebars (drops)

Yes, a number of Nitto drops come in 25.4

Just look here:


Awesome, thanks Des. I wonder if i could get mtb brake levers round the bends…

Usually not. MTB grips are 22.2mm diameter, road grips are usually 23.8mm.

Craig, if you’re not looking to drop the coin on the nittos, i reckon i’ve got a pair or two of old alloy 25.4 road drops hanging around. And LittleWheelsandBig is right; mtb levers won’t slide on. Mtb levers + a file + some time would be a solution, but you’d be better off with some mid-school bmx levers. For a while, bmx experimented w/ oversize (25.4, as opposed to the 22.2 standard) bars and a number of companies made levers to match. These would bolt perfectly onto the sleeve (the 25.4? bit).

Like the On One Midge??


These bars are awesome for CX, uesd them last year in the Urban Polaris.