Is this Good or Not?

Hi All,

This is my first post so hello.

I picked up this bike in the council clean-up and was wondering if it is worth converting to a singlespeed? I dont know much about the mechanicals of bikes so honest opinions would be very much appreciated.

Here are some photos.

It is a Campagnolo frame with Campagnolo shifters, Shimano 600 brake calipers and derailer and Sugino cranks.

It needs quite a few things from what i can tell, namely a singlespeed rear wheel, better brake levers and front and rear cogs/sprockets (sorry dont know the technical term for them).

I just want to get it rolling and see if singlespeed is for me, i currently ride a Cannondale Bad Boy to work and a Yeti 575 offroad.

Do i pursue a conversion of this bike or is it not a good base for a beginner? Am i better of selling it a getting something else?

Like i said honest feedback much appreciated.

Oh and yeah, gday this is a greta little forum from what i have seen so far.



ride it as a roadie :smiley:

I’d add new bars to the list of things you need :slight_smile: I’ve never seen bars folded like that.

When you say campagnolo frame, you mean it is stamped in the rear dropout and fork tips? if so, it probably isnt a piece of junk and if it fits, i’d def single speed/fix it. It’ll be a piece of cakey. Just take your time, dont force things that dont want to happen, and hit google for your questions. there has been enough internet chat about conversions for the past few years that it is unlikely you wil come across a new problem.
Then again…
I can convert it for you, take all the hassle right out of it, if you give me your 575.

nice find!

you in sydney?

That is the weirdest bar/ brake set up I’ve ever seen on a roadie…

Yeah Lukerider i am in Sydney, Balgowlah.

I turned the bars around and moved the brake levers to see if it would work. It obviously doesnt so will need to get some better brake levers. Might be able to cut back the bars for the time being.

well im going to check out The ‘nunnery’ is in Waterloo now, 1 Phillip st. on monday 5.30pm night to learn how to true/build wheels. come along and check it out will be happy to help building/showing conversion stuff.

I agree restore that up to its former glory :-o

sounds good luke

thanks for the heads up

i will see you there