Is this wrong???

I know the 29er crowd are a bit fringe…but this???

Surely someone can come up with a smart arse saying along the lines of riding 'till the cows come home… :?

Yes it is, I don;t see a single straight tube on the bike!

And there it is… :lol:

wtf…why the cow?

it’s just fucking childish

Sorry if you’re offended Tim. On a different note, what brand of bike is that?

RIP…!! hope this aint going to be served as $5 steaks.

Because…you ever tried doing that on a live cow? The fuckers run away.

just not called for!

Photo was taken from MTBR…it caused alot of drama on that site.

After consideration I have removed my comment, I apologize if I caused any distress towards others feelings or beliefs.

There should be more of this behaviour, this person is displaying their right to re-cycle.

At least he’s not indulging in Necrophilia or riding over homeless people.

awwww…I missed it. What did you say?

It is a Jeff Jones and the rider is Aquaholic I think.
Looks like him anyway.
Bike is definitely a JJ though.

Correct on both counts, pics nicked from MTBR.

What do I win??? :smiley:

The dead cow

I’m not offended. I just think it’s fucking stupid.

I tend to agree, but I’m mostly ambivalent.
Cool looking bike. I wouldn’t want to get dead animal bits on it.