iSnack 2.0

vs Hitler

funniest shit I’ve seen in a while

Been done here, was in YTFPOTD or whatever it’s called.

Funny shit though.


Still, fucking funny

I work in a marketing school.

isnack 2.0 is especially funny to us.

shit, i work in Advertising and that shit is a case study for “what the fuck happened in that meeting”

I don’t get it, has this not been an enormous success? I mean how many people have you heard talking about isnack 2.0, or posting threads about it on forums? Way more than if they’d called it spreadgemite or whatever; the only reason it doesn’t sell is because it tastes godawful.

There was no meeting, they where out snorting coke off a hooker’s tits. Isn’t that what advertising is all about?

Well if its successfull, why is there a warehouse full of the shit that will never see supermarket shelves or for that matter mouths, and another warehouse full of promotional material thats gonna be burned?

Because we live in a country that is so grossly affluent that it can turn down food based on what is on the label?

Do you mean like ‘SPAM’?

Don’t think they’re gonna have to worry about that:,27753,26185420-462,00.html

A guy at work was arguing that the name was selected in the hope that Apple would try to sue and they’d get bonus publicity… Really I just think it was a gross error on their part, and they should have chosen my excellent suggestion of “Vegewill”.

ahah, just stumbled on this thread and signed up to the forum.

Found out that there are now dedicated sites selling them.
Site is:

Apple are starting to sue Woolworths over their new logo. thats no publicity stunt. if they lose theyre gonna be bummed. we make their signage at work, and its expensive and time consuming as all hell.


No wait… it’s not.

OK so I’m dragging this thread up from Davey Jones’ locker (yarrrrrr!!) but after ragging on the marketers I saw some in the IGA today and bought a jar.

It’s awful. Sort of doesn’t taste like anything but tastes really bad at the same time. An all-round coup really.