Issue - 23.8mm Paul's E Lever VS Felt Tk3 Track/Drop Bar

bought the Pauls E Lever for the Felt tk3 but I’ve found that the lever doesn’t fit the bar just left of the 31.8mm stem clamp, the lever clamp is a smidge too big? And when I say smidge, I mean tiny.

SHIT BUGGER DAMN. I nearly had the build finished, and now this!

So it’s either a return on the brake, (could take a while) or get a track/drop that this brake fits?

Worst part is, that I followed the Pauls website size reccomendation, which suggests 23.8mm, not 22.2mm, and I was sure that road bars diameter are 23.8mm standard size?

Just shim it with a piece of aluminium can.

I don’t know why Pauls aren’t making a lever with a hinged clamp… their one sized clamps are very limiting.

yeah spoke to the irish guy at Abbotsford cyclery and he said the coke can was a workaround, but not a permanent solution.

plus I’m kind of a perfectionist, so this would mess with me.

Why is it not a permanent solution?

If you do it well, it won’t be noticeable.

I’d expect a perfectionist to have better punctuation. :wink:

I come from the western suburbs, give me a chance.

Shim it and you’ll never notice it is shimmed.