Italian bb tap

Hi all

Question for the wise peeps of FOA…

Need to get paint off the threads in the bb shell after respray what’s the best way without retapping?



Depends how patient you are. I use one of these and some WD40.

^ with some paint stripper?

Run a bb cup through there. If you wanna get fancy and have less chance of stuffing it up slot the BB cup across the thread with a grinder or dremel (so they look like taps) and that’ll give it some room for all the crud to go.

thanks guys

Anyone got any shitty ital BB cups they wanna send me… lol

Paint stripper is a good idea but I’d probably drip it all over my shorts & legs. I normally do this sitting out the front while drinking some beer.

Maybe paint stripper is not a good idea. You’d want to be very careful not to get it on other bits of the frame or strip the paint on the bottom bracket.

I’ve had great success using turps, dremel using plastic or soft brass brushes a of course a little something to scrap stuff outwith too.

I’ve tried Spirito’s method and it worked too.