Italian Bottom Brackets

I have recently gotten my hands on an Italian frame with an Italian bottom bracket. Apparently these have a tendency to unscrew but I read somewhere (and now can’t find th thread) that that you can install the bb backwards and this will solve the problem.
does anyone have any experience with this? i don’t want to try it and find out that i just ruined by bb or heaven frobid my frame!!

Not sure what you mean by installing the BB backwards as an Italian BB has a right hand thread on both sides.

The No.1 rule with an Italian BB is to tighten it up WITH A LOTS OF TORQUE and you should be alright. I’ve got a couple of frames with Italian BB’s and I seldom have any issues. I’ve heard of people using Loctite on the BB threads, but I personally wouldn’t.

The recommended installation torque for most modern BB’s is 35-50 N.m, which is actually quite a bit. Use a torque wrench if you have access to one.

Only one side will have a lock-ring. Cant remember what side it is that has the lock-ring but if you put it on backwards ie lock-ring on the wrong side it will come loose every time.

Best way i found to keep it tight is to do up the non lock-ring side then do up the lock-ring side and tighten the lock-ring then tighten the cup so that the lock-ring is really tightened against the frame. Bit of loctite dosen’t hurt either :smiley:

Lock-ring :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys,

just for clarification I managed to find that thread and what he was talking about was getting his chainline right. but he still says that putting it on backwards keeps it from unscrewing!

from what you have said this doesn’t make sense. damn.

oh well, it was a nice idea but apparently not possible.

thanks for you help!

Put some teflon tape on the threads to take up the slack. Tighten.

Where’s the thread? It might be possible, but there would be no benefit, as hjb1000 has already explained