Italian Roadie Complete - Columbus + Superbe Pro

Looks the bizness, has all the bits! how much do you think it will go for??

Rare Italian Road Bike Columbus Steel, Track, Cinelli - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 12-Aug-10 22:16:42 AEST)


edit i am not sure about the description. feedback for this seller brings up a few question marks.

How do you pay $200 for a Concor?

maybe he didn’t? noticed this in his feedback…

Selle San Marco Concor Vintage Saddle in white RRP £70 (#280441940755)

haha caught out!

It might not be the same saddle. He wouldn’t be the only guy who had owned multiple versions of the same saddle. And not everyone buys everything off ebay.
Just saying…

^ Yeah but it’s and any suspicion results in instant crucifixion…

want! love carrera’s.

yeah. this is a sick bike. would definitely gain it if it was my size. rare aerograph paint job.

But Shimano mixed with Superbe pro?! I’d want a discount.

*Good point Horatio!

Nearly ended, it’s still so cheap?