Italian Threaded Headset

I have an Italian Viner Road frame. It needs a new headset. I’m assuming it’s alos Italian (as is the BB) According to Sheldon Brown, ISO and Italian headsets can be interchangeable (Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Glossary Ha-Hi)

When I took out the old headset (which was an absolute piece of shit), it was shimmed on the forks and in the headtube. i don’t want to have to do this with a new headset.

Basically, I want a new headset. Nothing fancy, sometihng that works and isn’t NOS NIB NJS PISTA CAMPY etc.

Do I need Italian or can I get an ISO one?


EDIT: Velo Orange have this on their blog

Italian headsets are virtually the same as ISO. The crown race ID is 26.5mm rather than 26.4mm and the threads are a tiny bit different, but ISO headsets are so close that they work absolutely perfectly on Italian frames.

Italian Ebay?

Finding one isn’t the hard part, knowing whether i have to buy one is.

I have a Shimano 600 headset on my Daccordi. I had a FSA headset on my Viner. These both required machining down the crown race a little, but the threads themselves as you point out, are interchangeable. That is my understanding anyway.