Italy vs. Japan track bike

Thought i might introduce myself to the forum and add some photos of my recently completed track bike. My name is Justin and have been lurking on the forum for a while. After building, crashing and then selling my single speed i decided to build a track bike. I picked the frame up throught eBay late last year and it has taken me up until now to complete.

The frame itself is 57cm square and made and of Columbus tubing, i painted it myself with 2pak clear over a metallic base and had the forks chromed (unfortunatly the buffed of the Campagnolo stamping on the dropouts in the process )

The wheels are Shimano HF hubs laced to Araya singles rims, with the front spokes being tied and soldered.

The stem is a 120 Nitto along with 125AA bars and a Dura ace headset, all of which is NJS stamped.

Saddle is a Concor and the seat post and binder bolt are Campagnolo.

Cranks are just some spares i had lying around to get me rolling in time for the Roobaix and the bottom bracket is Campagnolo Record. Pedals are MKS sylvan with double straps and 4 gate cages.

Future plans are for a Campy crankset, a possible change to clinchers depending on how the singles hold up and hopefully get out to some events

very nice…

Beautiful bike. Out of interest, where did you get the forks chromed? And how much did it cost you?

The forks were chromed at vinny’s in dandenong I was charged $50 because i had some other stuff for him to do and payed cash, but from memory he usually charges $80.

Nice build…You are going to ride it, aren’t you?

Rode the Roobaix on it and had a great time, other than that it gets ridden almost everyday. Hopefully i can get it out to some Wednesday night rides soon :smiley:

Thought i might post some updated photos of my bike, since posting the last photos there have been some changes.

Firsty i have swapped the cranks for Campagnolo Chorus items and changed to a 50 tooth ring (the rear is now 19).

Secondly i got sick of running the singles so i decided to built myself a pair of new wheels. They are 32h Miche hubs laced to Campagnolo Delta’s radial in the front x3 in the rear.

Other smaller changes include a leather top tube protector and Shifter Bikes sticker :stuck_out_tongue:

That IS beautiful!!
Well done

Nice parts but this bike is b0rung

You must be a southerner who wants me to tell you to stick it up your back bum.

Lovely bike, the saddle could be tilted back a bit though.