it's horatio's birfday

wishing him the happiest, most ideal BB-height of days.

Happy Birthday Horatio !!

Happy Bday Horatio - I was going to get you a seat post, but couldn’t decide on the size.

I was gonna say the same thing. HB, H.

Awww thanks guys!

Hb h!

happy birthday horatio

i bought you this:

topical AND necessary

May another vintage mtb be in your day.

I bought you this:

Happy Birthday old man.

May your bottom brackets be low, your shirts be off and your seatposts ideal.


O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

Happy Birthday.

Not having mad photoshop skillz, lets recycle the blakey happy birthday pic…

Happy Bday HHHHHH

Happy birthday mate. Here’s something I baked for you earlier today.

^that’s some strange geo nexus…

Very observant. Yes, the rear stays have been customised to accommodate a lower than usual bottom bracket.

Yeah that BB height is low!

Happy birthday mate!!!

Found you the perfect present.

Rocky Mountain 55cm disc CX

Rocky Mountain RC50 Disc Frame / Ritchey WCS Carbon Fork Cyclocross Commuter | eBay