It's nice that cops know about bikes

ouch, were they bike cops? and were they reasonable?

Shit… so spill the beans Spud, what happened? :-o

You didn’t give chase :?

I was southbound on Elizabeth st coming up the red at bourke, i shot through along with twenty-odd pedestrians when two cops rode out from behind a van they were hiding behind.

It’s funny; if i had seen the cops, i would have stopped and law would be upheld. But because i couldn’t, I’ll pay the fine, the cops will make their money* and the world goes round.

*Victoria makes over $380m on traffic fines and $60m a year on parking fines. It spent $120m on road safety improvements that year. And there’s still potholes in the bike lane on my ride home.

Sorry for driveling.

Ouch… that’s a Delta brake calipers worth!

demerit points?

as far as I know demerit points dont exist for cyclists… yet.
they were proposing them for running red lights

but, if you don’t have a licence?

that’s probably the catch that is stopping them making the changes

Spud, was it Roy? What’s the name on the fine?

Found … somewhere that we are in front of the game in Qld!

I copped demerit points way back in the 70s for rolling through a stop sign in Stones Corner!!

Funny you should mention… the name is ‘R BRANDI’… and a ‘Leading’ Senior Cuntstable too.

Seriously: Write a letter and you have a fair chance of getting off. You can always be as biased as you like, just write in a sort of factual manner. Ive escaped a few fines (damn connex) and my Dad got off at least two speeding fines that I can recall. I don’t know what your particular viewpoint should be, but its worth a shot to avoid paying out.

“… I shot through along with twenty-odd pedestrians”, should do the trick.

or try this . .

if i had seen the cops, i would have stopped