It's Raining Superbes!

If I had more self control, I’d have a lot more space around the house.

i dare you to buy them.

wait wait … i think it’s a BAD idea that you buy them.

now you’ll have to buy 'em.


Damn you Des. Although, they’d look nice on the fixed articulated tandem don’t you think?

Shame on you Nick. Wasting a perfectingly good set of Superbe wheels on that monstorsity.


I have both a spare pair of 28h Red Labels to suit, and I don’t have a 14t cog in my arsenal. Perfect.

Plus I can pick up, it’s just around the corner from me.

There are no dibs here Blakey - this is combat! I’m thinking of going for the world record for the number of Suntour wheels in a single house :wink:

first bid :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Joel

It’s the last bid that counts, Joel :wink:

You going to corner the world market in Superbes?

All this hub talk and noones noticed the sweet (huge) track frame he’s also selling?

I’ll raise and see you on that one!!! - Coz I reckon I could challenge you

Another Hoffy - Just like mine, only bigger. I must get some pics of it up. This one has a bit more bling than mine does. And it rides beautifully. I can recommend for anyone who wants a good big big frame.

I noticed it but it’s too big to consider.

Nice lugs!

It’s the last bid that counts, Joel ;)[/quote]

aw shit, confused again…

  • Joel

I’d noticed it. It’s gorgeous, but huge. Such a pity… or not, actually, since I, for one, don’t need to be spending money on yet another frame at the moment…

damn you angry dwarf !!

  • Joel