It's Thirsty Work

First ride was last night - awesome night of adventures, chilling and watching the capital do it’s thing from above, spotting drones, asking the big questions and getting deep. Then meeting up with Seb for a quick fang back into the city for some tacos and burritos. The perfect way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Thanks to those that came along, it’s going to be a regular.

Perfect weather for it, it’s so nice riding at night with a warm breeze. I’ll make sure to bring lights for next week.

very nice looking night! mountain goat in a can is a nice thing to see… where was that purchased?

My class did drone surveys there last semester and use the photos for mapping growth etc. Tonnes of people fly them there though. Excited to come back for these (but I really want a #SOTB for it)!

There weren’t really drones; just Christmas beetles hovering above us

Beer was purchased at Plonk in Fyshwick Markets. Best beer selection in CBR.

Man! Those beers were strong!

PoB and I send our apologies. Next week should be good. It is a weekly thing yes?

Heya! So yup, looking to make this a weekly event. Next week I will bring the Kumo. We won’t always do the Arboretum, open to suggestions for other spots, more riding, less riding etc. This is a thing for everyones input, not just me.

Is PoB on FoA?


Hey Champs - Just a reminder that it is on again. See ya’s at the same meet spot and then we will chat about where we ride.

Hey I’m out for this week - wife’s birthday… but will be back in action the week after.

…did someone say xmas ride? :stuck_out_tongue:


Suggestion: you guys could go up Stromlo, beer yourselves up then go down by the dirt route and catch me up at the crit track.

I like this idea.

I was thinking something similar

i am a no show again, but this is a great idea. will be there soon.
Ezy, strava your descent on the Kumo… vapour trail, then filter for 22 speed, rigid, 650b, cantis… guaranteed KOM. Unless Keith beats you down on his #bluesparklemotion

Moustache Ride is 700c.
Mine, however, will be 22 speed, 650b, rigid.

No way! there you go… even better, you guys can both own KOMs with appropriate filtering.
Hang on… i might have everything backwards… bluesparklemotion is also 700c, innit? the rando is 650b… man, why do i always stuff UP so much.

Guys, turns out I won’t do the crits tomorrow so will join ride at normal time/place.