It's Thirsty Work

I am putting the feelers out there to try and get this as a regular. Thinking of meeting up after work somewhere in the city, or by the lake… everyone brings a couple of coldies in their bag, we ride the lake and head up to the top of the arboretum where we cheers, drink and talk of good times.

Who is in?

Yeah I would be keen depending on what day/time.

Yep yep yep

Thursdays best

Yup - thinking thursdays. The weekend warmup ride!

kick it off this Thursday! :o

Keen but Thursdays not good because of crits. Any other time would suit peeps?

Shit. I thought about the crits but didn’t register… We can swap it around days as the weeks pass.

Just come after.



When I work in Canberra it’s on the other side of that bridge so I will be in fo sho next time I’m in town. (Now I just need to buy a bike bag!)


SSCX Kustom Kumo Brompton incoming.

(I was actually looking for a Bilenky version of this idea, but I think I saw it in a magazine. I’ve never been able to find it on the online.)

Organised Ride to folding bikes in 14 posts. NTBD.

Crits end by about 7:00 so I reckon I can be up the arboretum at about 7:30. Will text you guys.

Who’s #SOTBing the arbo climb?

Most likely me, with all my geared bikes ('cept the ibis) on display in Syd

sweet, i should be free as well!

Sheeeeee-it. Out tomorrow