It's true- Shimano Ultegra Di2

Frequency issues i imagine. If you have a large peloton with many riders using Di2 at the same time, you could get frequency crossover i guess.

I’m guessing Dura Ace Di2 Mk.2 will be released soon and will be wireless amongst other things (and lighter etc). It’s the obvious next step.

The reason I was given for it not being wireless is that every componet would need a battery making it clunky and heavy. As to how it works, it works very well and stays in tune although the da is no lighter than reg da from memory.

Man my garmon has trouble picking out my heart sensor and speed/candence moniter atvyhe start of a race/ middle of the pack, I can only imagine the shifting problems that would occer, and as slinky said the battery issue

Good point.

dumbass question because I haven’t paid enough attention: does either the dura-ace or ultegra offer the ability to report or record information? eg timestamped gear shifts, front / rear braking power. I could imagine such systems taking yet more of the Art out of cycling and replacing it with Science, if those attributes are mated with the power meters, GPSs and shift lights, or wonks in team cars with laptops…

on the brakes, could electronic systems have the ability to adjust their force in response to measured temperature / fade?

I wonder what the Campy electronic will be like.
expensive no doubt.

Italy + anything electrial = unreliable

If campy electric does end up working you can bet there’ll be a smart german/ japanese person behind it.

can’t wait to see what the campag retail electronic gruppos like… it’s rumored to be lighter and a lot prettier, if its any thing like the 2011 SR gruppo it’ll shift like silk too
campag hold the patent to a worm drive rear mech which makes theirs faster and more linear

Awesome - Imagine how sweet gen 3 or 4 will look, no stupid big box and no cables at all…

I want it so my bike shifts gears and that auitomatically so I just stay at like 90rpm forevers, so then there’s no shifters, only 1 battery, and the tiny shifter motor with a brain in it.

I`ll believe it when I see it!!

Agreed with comment about German or Japanese brains inside it.

I wonder where SRAM is with all these developments? Surely theyll have a crack

they’re already gotten that shit downpat, but theyre just checkin it twice so they don’t have any xbox 360 1st gen style disc-chew up/red ring of death issues!

If you hold the shift paddles it’s ment to multi shift too, a feature most campyfiles don’t want to see disappear
It will be expensive yes, but shit… Some how I really don’t think so.
Right now they have the lightest and most refined mechanical group set on the market.
Wouldn’t be very smart to let the electronic market slide away totally by releasing a product that is any thing less
I’d put money one it been very good and very wanty!

Re: wireless shifting on Mavic’s Mektronic

It got worse when riding close to a radio tower where radio frequencies were strong. (Mektronic was wireless and functioned using radio frequencies.) There was a television broad-cast tower on one of my routes, and on several occasions, riding by the tower would cause the whole system to reset and stop working at all. It was like the Mavic version of the Blue Screen of Death. That said, not shifting was much better than the cases where it would shift without input. The worst experience I had was on a group ride out by the airport in Minneapolis when the derailleur shifted from the 12 to the 23 in a single instant because some guy in the control tower spilled his coffee on the switchboard or something, causing the chain to snap and me nearly crashing as the group sprinted for a yellow sign.

From Velominati

Just wait till they make a CVT (Contant Variable Transmition) lite enough to be viable on a bike.

You should work for Campagnolo!

If you throw enough titanium at a groupset, it’s bound to be light, just sayin.
And I think you’ll find the most refined front shifting on the market is Dura Ace/Ultegra
And holding the shift paddle could be programmed for almost any function - you can imagine it’s an electronic button. I’m sure Shimano could do this too.

When is the Campagnolo electronic group slatted for release out of interest? I’ve seen a few photos from the pro circuit.

ive read that the movistar team are having problems getting from the big ring to the small ring under load (ie at the start of climbs), and dropping chains when the shift actually happens

SRAM could go electric, or they could go in another direction and do the first proper road group with disc brakes. which given they have a strong off-road market and experience (mtb/cross) might make more sense.

ive heard rumblings of something brewing over in the US a couple of times… it’ll be interesting knowing them.