Jack Bobridge & co

What a fucken little champion! Pinned Markov’s ears back after how many laps??? No man has caught Markov before. :-o

Top ride from the O’Shea kiddie too, and Seo the Korean. Best points race I’ve EVER seen.

Could only go to the world cup tonight (thursday) and wasn’t disappointed. Some top riding from the ladies as well. :smiley:

Agreed, best points race ever. The final result was decided right down to the wire. Points races are usually over with 20 laps to go not decided on the last lap.

Jack Bobridge is insanely smooth. He nailed the black measuring line during the pursuit like he was on rails. I think on a couple of laps he managed to corner below the black and between the duckboards without taking out any “foamies”, pure perfection.

and full marks to Cam Meyer, marked by everyone early then worked it for O’Shea.

I got offered free tickets for that. I had to turn them down as I was having people around for dinner. Damn it.

If those free tix were from Damoh I gottem instead. What a points race! Hope your dinner guests were entertaining! :smiley: