James Huang

Is this guy for real?

He’s been on cyclingnews for so long now, but he still seems to get excited about dumb stuff. Case in point, the titanium special on the NAHBS. Two or three photos of Funk’s (an absolute legend of frame bulding) new duallie which is goreous and not similar to othe stuff and about a thousand of of some guy in portland who is building the faddiest stuff i’ve ever seen all with some of the leas uniform ti welds I’ve seen. I know its no big deal, but its been a while since I had a whinge and this guy has just about the best job in the cycling world, and still seems to have zero taste.

Maybe James needs to start a “my dick is bigger” thread … he’s already got the name for it :wink:

I think he has to continually wipe his mind, otherwise he’d go insane having to test all those “different” crabon bikes and write something about how much better A is than B, and how the vertical compliance and lateral stiffness is somehow more compliant and stiff. I follow him on twitter, and after reading a lot of his stuff that’s the only conclusion I can come up with.
Or his head is stuck up his arse.

^ There’s reality, and then there’s marketing…

And what about that fad boy called Blakey at NAHBS… :slight_smile:

You mean the moderator recently turned Zoolander?

He’s over NAHBS. It’s time for NYC now.

When do we get to see the photo shoot pics?
Is they for Mardi Gras? NSFW?

Have to wait for the NAHBS issue of Bicycling to come out.