JAMIS Sonik 08?

seen in a notoriously expensive bayside shop, seems pricey at $1950 complete. Another alu bike with a cheesy name but the frame finish looked a cut above the usual toothpaste welds. Not sure I’d trust my life to AC wheels in the heat of battle.

Yeah not a bad looking bike- same price point as the Felt. What kind of rep do Jamis frames have? Of course, the aero-seatpost is obligatory these days…
Wheelset looks okay too- good choice of tyres eh Damoh?
I like that every component is reasonable quality rather than giving you say, nice cranks, but throwing in a $2.00 seat.
Looks like I could have saved some money had to gotten this rather than my other (cough) choice…

Wow, looks hot, great parts package for the price, nice strong cranks, great tyres, goods bars etc better value than a shit Cycle King Taiwan

Jamis bikes are sweet. I ride a Jamis hardtail mtb and I love it. I want a go on one of those.

I respect Jamis cause they still make shit out of ReynoldS!!!

$2k but.

link to spin

This really killed it for me

'Jamis Custom Aero Carbon seat post, Light, aero and fast!

Selle San Marco’s Blaze saddle for blazing fast speed’

A fast seatpost and a blazing seat. Get real :roll:

Yes I’d have to agree- the yanks have a way with words don’t they…

best first post ever!

The saddle is RED.

It’s a law of nature.