Jamis Sonik vs Avanti Pista

Hey Guys,

Looking at getting a proper track racing bike for exactly that purpose. I have been looking around and the, max I’m willing to pay is $1600.

I have been looking at two bikes in particular which I can get good deals on. A 2007 Avanti Pista Pro and a 2009 Jamis Sonik. The Sonik is a better bike but is considerably more expensive and better looking. The Pista is only $850 but is lacking in good parts compared to the Jamis.

Does anyone have either, know about them or know any other suggestions???




On the specs, the Avanti looks like good value, especially with the Mavic Ellipse wheelset - they’d set you back ~$550 alone.

Ride 'em both and buy on feel…?

I will definetly ride both, but I’m just wondering whether the extra $550 for the Jamis will be worth it???

a friend of mine is looking to sell a fairly new Kerry Hopkins track bike with a bunch of components. If you’re interested PM me your details and I’ll pass it on to him.

I’ve had a look at it and it really is a beautiful bike.

i’ve got an avanti pista (not the pro) and think its great.
i think its well spec’d for the price and yeah eclipses are even better.
dont see many jamis’s getting around compared to avanti’s if thats something to go off.

i have the avanti pista pro and i love it…i also have an avanti as a road bike so i may be a bit biased. But like everyone else has stated it is upto personal preferance so try both. You can always put good components on the avanti with the money u save if u dont purchase the jamis

But you have to buy the bike and then the good components.
I’d go the Jamis… racier looks.

Did you say the 2007 Pista Pro is only $850.00? That’s stupidly cheap- that’s not just the frameset is it?

The 2 things on a bike to spend your cash on (aside from the frame) are the wheels and cranks. The Avanti has got Omniums and Ellipse, pretty good start.

Why don’t you ask the other racers at the track? You might even find some to try out first.

I ride the Avanti Pista Pro @ DISC, happy for you to take a spin. The frame is nice’n stiff, wheelset great for me, very stiff and roll pretty fast as long as you keep an eye on the bearing pre-load. I had a major warranty issue from new, the rear dropouts were badly missaligned to the point they would bend the axle and preload the bearings when the nut were tightened. Got it replaced very quickly by the LBS though.