Jamis Sonik

Hey guys just a quick question i was thinking about buying a 2010 jamis sonik.

Any one know what these bikes are like ??

I know it is a track bike but it would make it into a commuter.

Anyway just let me know what you think ?


is your house on one side of the velodrome, and your work on the other?

waste of a ripper track unit.

yeah thats what i thought people would say might look at some other bikes i think.

If only canberra had a half decent velo i might buy one. :frowning:

nic that looks fkun’ sweet , dosent the ais have a velo (in belco), as far as a ‘waste of bike’ i think very few of the bikes posted here that people have spent that much money on are actually riden as velo bikes. so i say do it but i bags first dibs on the allegro.

yeah i am not sure if that velo actually exists or not, might have to find out.

We can get jamis in at work and that is why i am thinking of getting one, plus i have built up a single speed roady ( will post pics when it is finished) to ride to am from work on, As the fixie is destroying my already stuffed knees. I will see what sort of price i can get for one and then go from there. My other option was this http://www.cinelli.it/scripts/prodotti.php?Id=1&lang=EN&IdBici=552&ViewMode=2 but not quiet as keen on that

You can have first bids, but i might ask abit for it , not sure how much, i might even hold on to it.

is your house on one side of the velodrome, and your work on the other?

waste of a ripper track unit.

pretty easy comments to make about shitloads of bikes on these pages. it sure looks nice. toe overlap may be an issue

a guy who works for the group that sells them recons the toe overlap isn’t to bad not as bad as some other track bikes.

that might depend a bit on the frame size.

do you actually want to make it a “commuter”, or is it a bike to take for a spin around canberra for a lark?

I guess the label “commuter” could actually mean a lot of things, if it’s a quick dash along those lovely canberra roads and you’ve got other options if it’s raining, then sure, why not.

Would look pretty funny if you stuck flat bars, mudguards, reflectors and a rear view mirror on it though.

“those lovely canberra roads”

these new word substitutions are everywhere!

Nah not the cenilli i love the curved seat tube looks sweet. or get something sweet but not mattblack and then get it re-sprayed.

Could never hope to save up at the moment the pista is sweet i wouldnt part w/ it sell the lot and hang that motha on the shed wall.

Knowing you have a lengthy commute man, I wouldn’t advise it. They are solid and really nice looking, but for commuting I think there would be plenty of better-priced, more sensible options. In saying that though, owning a ridiculous bike to blast around on is so cool, so feel free to disregard and get one anyway :slight_smile:

to be honest it wouldn’t be a commuter it would be a blaster (if thats what you call it) just something to take out from time to time when i wanna ride fixed. As i said i am building a ss roadie to commute on so that will be my hacker. I recon i will have to do a lot of convincing the wife before i buy another Bike.

I am riding my Jamis Sputnik most of the time, commuting etc, steel frame, more relaxed geometry I think, flat bars, she came fixed 48-17 but has now got 44 chainring with 17 freewheel, a great comfortable street cruising machine in stealth bomber matt black, does the job very well for me.