Japanese Goods

As some of you may know, i’ve returned from Japan recently. On my travels I came across some amazing bike shops / people that are making custom made bike accessories / gear etc. I’m planing on getting some shipped over in the near future. When they arrive Ill put a post up with some pictures. Fingers crossed on the Aus. dollar still being strong against the yen. I’m planning on getting a couple of each items, so if you are interested you should hit me up about it…

Happy Friday.


Do tell more Jarod… what is this ‘accessories/gear’ that you speak of?

Top tube pads, double strap adaptors, caps etc. Most of the stuff I’m wanting to get sent over is made in peoples bedrooms and in small runs. Im hoping down the line I can afford to get some cranks, rims and stems in also. I found one shop that does custom painting of said items. I lost my shit when I saw a Nitto stem / 75 crank set / rims in gloss black with emerald sparkle. Ill admit such gear is not for every bike, but on the right setup it would be amazing.