Jerseys (and other cycling apparel)

Hey guys,
Soo I am sure that I will get flamed for this but thought I would ask anyway.
I searched but didn’t find anything much apart from rugged bloke junk.
I am after something new to ride in. I usually just ride in a t shirt or something and mtb shorts.
I have looked in a few shops but can’t see anything that I like.
Any online suggestions or shops with good stuff in Melbourne I should check out?
Not really a tight lycra guy.
Really liked the idea of the pixies ones I saw online. Have searched for other bands but no luck. I read that they are keen cyclists so maybe that is why.

You will be…

Van will hook you up.

Primal Wear

This… Rode in my MASH kit the other day.


Rugged Bloke


Check out Uno clothing. There’s a few outlets around Melbourne. Cheap, generic, but it’s good for starting out.

Failing that, Rapha.

Be the assos day rider guy, you know you want to.

Primal only have bands like Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd etc. Though I’m hanging for the day they release a Motorhead jersey.

I try to wear company’s that are doing good thing’s and I am happy to promote I’m in bris and like gears kit,
If I were in melb I would be wearing the brands and shops that are doing good things down there.
If you are a satanic sort go a dodici church burner kit,
The fyxo kit is pretty nice.
Do golden saddle cyclery do a kit?
Their stuff is so nice.

How about a megadeath one.

It’s Megadeth Chris.


Yeah, wouldn’t mind a psbwb or rip kit!

good save :wink:

There is this dude that comes into work with the wildest kit, he has three different Bob Marley Kit’s, a Beatles - Yellow Submarine kit and my favourite would have to be his Grateful Dead ‘King Of the Mountain’ Kit. He’s a good dude, rides a Dura Ace CAAD9, does a bunch of K’s, is in his 60’s and admits to have doing a bunch of Acid when he was younger.
Probably my favourite customer, we talk about all sorts of cool shit.

I wear the jersey from my mate’s shop in frankston. The sleeves aren’t tight enough so I roll them up a bit, but I do that with my t-shirts too so it’s nbd.

Do you shove the Winnie’s up there?

Pfft no way, benson & hedges! Or on poor weeks, john player specials. Like this week.

My lungs hurt.

i want a fruit loops jersey.