Jerseys for everyday riding

Looking to pick up a couple of jerseys for riding to work, and weekend MTB activities when I’m not using a CamelBak.

Really, just want plain colours. Navy, grey, etc. Tiny logos ok, but no huge branding. Long sleeve would be good to avoid sun, but I like being able to push the sleeves up a bit.

Prefer some that I can try on in a shop. E-bargains aren’t good if they don’t fit.

Been looking at Rapha core, but haven’t had time to try them on yet. Plus, reviews seem mixed in the core range.

Any other suggestions?

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Rapha Core is nice, but i dont think worth paying full RRP.

I know you said no e-store but i recommend Evans Cycles FWE range, similar to wiggles inhouse DHB.

Its pretty cheap, decent quality and cut, and simple colours. Sizing chart is pretty spot on i find as well.

Thanks. I’ll check out the fwe stuff. Can’t find a size chart at the moment.

Realising I’ll probably skip the long sleeve option and just find some separate sleeves out a baselayer if it’s cold enough.

All the LS stuff seems thermal or loose.

I recommend arm warmers. They’re not flappy and you can take them off while riding

Rapha Brevet. Stupid money but stupid good. Reflective stripe is a bonus.

Rapha #forlyf, however, I only buy at sale time because yeah stupid money. The sales are legit but and all their gear is so so good.

Rapha is good but there’s other stuff. I find the stuff done by Capo (eg. Cadence, St Cloud kit) and Ollo to be very good too.

Cool. Will look at Rapha then. Had 10 minutes to browse their store when I was in Chicago, but haven’t been to the Sydney store.

Will also keep an eye out for those other brands, but the designs I saw just now seem pretty busy. Some cadence ones were ok, at least the big logo is same colour on a few jerseys.

I saw some new jerseys from Solo CC selling at Rebel Sport (NZ). Nice and low key and way cheaper than their older styles. Yeah they look quite good. Available in Low-key Mamil black or Hubbard Fluoro.

I like the Rapha core stuff. Agree the pockets are pretty high, but i’m not a pro, so I can pull over to eat or whatever if it really bothers me.

Torm look a bit Rapha-ish with arm and/or chest banding for a slightly lower price point and use a merino blend. A couple of solid colours too, black, white, and maroon.

But not sure if anyone stocks it that I can try on for size. And even the web store appears out of stock in a lot of the plain colours.

Search and State do very nice plain jerseys. Not sure who stockade them in Australia anymore, but Northside Wheelers used to.

Cycling Tips online store

They also do flannel!