Jim Bundy, bad listing

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and another possible good buy, missmatch of parts


not a bad listing now that its on here

Where does it say Bundy in that description?

unkown frame make it what you will

check the top link


anyhoo, that Bundy isnt badly listed. Look at the price and pics.

the bars make it look sad. its needs a new owner who will be nice to it.

Pics? you mean Pic, which is ok at best. The heading is pretty non descriptive with no good keywords, the description does not say very much and for $250 I would have thought that would be quite the bargain.

The pic shows the Bundy decal off pretty well and the price would make anyone (aka bike forum nerds) who’s gonna be scouring ebay have a look to see what the $250 is all about.

Anyone on here?
a friend missed out on the BIN by a few mins


nah, not me. was probs a touch too big anyway.