Jim Bundy roadie - 55cm

this has just been relisted after selling yesterday for $480. i kept it quiet as a mate was apparently interested, only to text after it finished saying he wasn’t committed to buying anything yet.

so i’m offering it up here so i don’t buy it.

Jim Bundy roadbike with mirage groupset

might not be amazing, but looks ok to me

minutes away from finishing

prices are rock bottom
6 months ago this would go for over $600

middle of winter, hispters and noobs arnt around.

True, like watching junkies trying to sell each other their stolen goods.

so it’s not just me that thinks it’s weird this hasn’t sold?

There was a bid on it at one point.

If this was in Melbourne, it would have sold for sure.

yeah it “sold” for the $480 starting price the last time it was listed, but then it popped back up the next day & then went unsold.

it’s not that far from Sydney is it?